MediReva Group

Professional partner in the delivery of
medical devices and care materials


Our people ensure that clients – whether with a chronic disorder or looking for aids to enable them to manage independently – are given the best possible materials and care.

We provide high-quality products and support in diabetes-related, wound, stoma, continence, nutritional, and rehabilitation care.

The client’s interests are always of prime importance in our approach; no interest is greater than the client’s interest. Your best aids are our people.


Care within the Netherlands must remain affordable. We will provide high-quality care and products that fit within established frameworks. We do this by offering new concepts within which we take over some of the economic responsibilities.

Within these concepts, the quality of care and products and the interest of the client will always be of primary importance. We will deploy our strength and expertise to collaborate with business partners within and outside the Netherlands, and will build on strong concepts for health-care consumers.


MediReva is a family firm with a deep-rooted conviction: we can make people’s lives more pleasant. Customer experience and customer satisfaction are the most important thing for us and our employees. ‘Your best aids are our people’ is our slogan for a very good reason.

The DNA of MediReva is characterized by respect for one another, openness to one another, dedication, loyalty, and positive energy.


The MediReva Group consists of a group of specialist enterprises in the field of health care. All the enterprises focus on delivering medical devices and care materials and, in this context, offering the required care and support to end users. The following enterprises and holdings form part of the MediReva Group.

MediReva is a specialist medical business which supplies medical aids and care materials throughout the Netherlands. We do this with the utmost care and attention for the product and for the end user. Key aspects of our service are personal attention, professional service, and fast and straightforward ordering.

MediReva Revalidatie (MediReva Rehabilitation) provides aids that give people the right support to keep their independence for as long as possible. Products such as wheeled walking frames (rollators), crutches, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, beds for the elderly, and recliners are a small selection of our wide range. Our rehabilitation firm also provides home adaptations.

MediReva Logistics supplies enterprises within the medical sector with a complete package of logistical and complementary services. Whilst we can offer various services from our logistics centre, we also offer capacity within our customer service department, our team of nurses, or our ICT systems. Our assistance can be tailored to your requirements.

MediReva launched Monty in the beginning of 2016. Monty is a brand new, innovative personal GPS alarm designed and developed by a group of Dutch high tech companies, Maastricht University, communication specialists and home care organisations. Monty gives active seniors more freedom and independence and works in- and outdoors. Friends and family are only a button press away in case of emergency.

Expertise Centrum Nederland (Excen) provides expertise in wound and stoma care (WEC and SEC) from 35 Expertise Centres across the Netherlands. Excen promotes and coordinates collaboration between various kinds of specialist care.

QualityZorg (QualityCare) offers specialist wound and stoma home care. QualityZorg professionals also work closely with specialist wound and stoma care nurses within hospitals. Our nurses are supported by the innovative PatDoc support system for counseling and treatment.

MediReva participates in Wondzorgcentrum BVBA. Wondzorgcentrum (Wound Care Centre) is a Belgian wound expertise centre with five branches.

Dutch Webshop Company offers webshops under several independent labels in the area of medical aids and mobility products that contribute to improving the quality of life. One of the bigger labels is ‘Hulpmiddelwereld’, which offers a wide range of high quality medical aids with a lowest price guarantee.


Since MediReva was set up by Pierre and Tineke Gubbels in 1979, we have been working with great enthusiasm to make the lives of the sick more pleasant. Every facet of our service is characterized by commitment and enthusiasm. MediReva is a vigorous partner within the field of health care.

The business was set up in the Limburg village of Noorbeek in 1979. It started as a small business selling wheelchairs and crutches to local customers. More than thirty years later, MediReva has grown into a national player.

From our head office in Maastricht and our advanced distribution centre in Gronsveld, we supply private individuals, hospitals, and care institutions throughout the Netherlands.

Quality and certification

MediReva has always followed an integrated quality policy, based on continuous improvement and quality assurance. This guarantees quality and service.

The result of this continuous effort is that we are in possession of an ISO 9001 certificate. This is an international standard for quality management and proves that we say what we do and do what we say. MediReva has also been recognized by Stichting Erkenningsregeling voor leveranciers van Medische Hulpmiddelen [SEMH] (Foundation for the Recognition of Medical Device Suppliers) as a specialist medical business.

Lastly, MediReva endorses and complies with the Code of Conduct Medical Devices of the Stichting Overleg Medische Technologie (Foundation for Consultation on Medical Technology) (GMH).



Corporate Social Responsibility

Policy - General

The general policy adopted by MediReva is based on a deep-founded social awareness, responsible citizenship, generally accepted values, and the achievement of a reasonable return on invested capital, thereby helping to guarantee the continuity of the enterprise and to preserve jobs.

Policy - Quality

Our policy on quality focuses on meeting the specific requirements of our clients at all times, together with compliance with the standards laid down by Dutch standard NEN-EN-ISO-9001 and the Dutch Quality Mark for Medical Products (‘NKH’) in terms of product quality, reliability of supply, and price. In addition, we aim to guarantee an as efficient and effective business model as possible. The full statement on quality is set out on the Quality Manual (Kwaliteitshandboek).

Policy - Health, safety and the environment

The aim of our policy on health, safety, and the environment is to apply at all times the criteria of the SCC (Safety, Health and the Environment Checklist Contractors) to the specific requirements of clients. Concern for health, safety, and the environment must be given the highest priority in the work we carry out, so that standards laid down by law as well as demanded by clients are always met, and remain an essential element of the working and thinking processes of all staff at MediReva.