MediReva Group

Professional partner in the delivery of
medical devices and care materials


MediReva has a large, modern logistics centre covering more than 7,000 m2 and which is highly automated. Every week, upwards of 10,000 orders are processed with the utmost care by around 30 logistics professionals.

The following activities are carried out within the logistics centre:

  • Unloading and palletizing of goods
  • Storage, including via Kardex vertical storage and lifting systems
  • Order picking by means of automated order picking and barcode scanning systems
  • Packing and making orders ready for dispatch by means of barcode scanning
  • Automated stock management
  • 24-hour distribution within the Netherlands
  • Distribution within the EU
  • Processing of returns

For many organizations, the logistics process does not form part of their core business. They often lack the expertise for this, although managing the financial implications also calls for specialist knowledge. Setting up a well-equipped and automated logistics centre or warehouse requires substantial resources. Within the medical sector, MediReva therefore offers enterprises its fulfilment and logistics service. All the services referred to above are offered in this context.

For more information on our logistics service, get in contact on or +31 43 369 0820.



Customer Service

MediReva has an enthusiastic and expert team of more than 30 customer service employees. The customer service department handles an average of more than 2,000 telephone calls every day and ensures that our customers receive the correct aids and care materials. The number of incoming telephone calls goes up to 4,000 on peak days. More than 98% of these calls are answered within 15 seconds.

The customer service department forms the first point of contact for our customers. The department is subdivided into various subgroups so as to be able to respond properly to specific questions from end users, though also from health-care professionals. Our customer service employees are highly customer-focused and are also all trained on what care entails.

In many cases, our customer service employees know immediately what our customers need. If they need more extensive health-care expertise, they are assisted by our in-house nurses.

As a health-care organization, you want to be optimally accessible for your customers at all times, and offer optimal customer focus. However, optimum accessibility by telephone and customer focus call for a trained group of people, optimal staffing, a professional switchboard, and clear SLAs and reporting facilities.

MediReva also offers this service to external organizations within the health-care sector. Examples include:

  • Customer service
  • Daily telephone call handling; 24 hours a day, or only when you are transferred to us
  • Telephone order handling
  • Telephone helpdesk

Of course, other forms of telephone support are negotiable. For more information on our service, contact us at or +31 43 369 0820.


Your best aids are our people. That is what MediReva stands for. We fulfil this promise not least through our specialist knowledge and personal way of working. MediReva employs a team of around 45 nurses, comprised of internal and external staff.

A team of around fifteen in-house nurses are available each day both to our end users and to health-care professionals. They form a source of specialist information for consumers, though also for nurses in hospitals and clinics, GPs, and medical specialists.

In addition, MediReva has a national network of around 30 regional nurses and dieticians in the Netherlands and Belgium. The regional nurses attend home visits (to patients) to provide advice, guidance, and support.

All employees within this department are qualified nurses, specializing in fields such as diabetes, stomas, continence, wounds, and nutrition.

Are you looking for specialist nursing knowledge or support? For more information on our service, contact us at or +31 43 369 0820.


Rehabilitation technology and mobility

MediReva Rehabilitation (MediReva Revalidatie) supplies aids that give people the right support to keep their independence for as long as possible. Products such as wheeled walking frames, crutches, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, beds for the elderly, and recliners are a small selection of our wide range. Our rehabilitation firm also provides home adaptations.

A specialist and qualified team of around 35 advisors, adaptation engineers, and fitters provides advice, guidance, and support for health-care consumers on the use of aids for rehabilitation and mobility purposes.

Our engineers also install home aids, such as wall brackets, shower chairs, or threshold ramps. We can receive customers at our showroom in Maastricht to discuss a solution that meets their care needs. For customers unable to visit us, we offer a home demonstration service that is free of any obligation.

If you are looking for specialist knowledge of rehabilitation technology and mobility, would like to discuss scope for cooperation, or would like more information on our service, please contact us at or 043 - 604 9222.